June 24, 2021

Students Lead with Positive Messaging

Flowers with the note make mental health a priority

Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to recognize the important role that mental health plays in our lives. Students across Bridge City ISD took part in several unique activities this year to understand more about mental health and learn positive coping strategies. Students at the elementary and intermediate schools were taught about the benefits of being in nature and getting exercise. Each student was encouraged to get outdoors this summer, and each received a kit with crayons, pencils, and a coloring poster designed to record each hour spent outside. Middle school students learned that journaling about one’s thoughts and feelings supports self-care, and each student received a journal with pencils so they could try it out. At the high school, a group of students in the floral arranging class led their campus mental health promotion project by creating dozens of beautiful floral arrangements, each displaying cards with positive messages supporting well-being and displaying the suicide helpline number. The flowers and messages were placed on tables throughout the high school cafeteria and library. Here are a few example messages:

Staff observed many students going from table to table to see the various flower arrangements and read all the mental health messages. Every student in the district also received a Mental Health America local resource guide, which they were encouraged to share with their families. Thanks to these amazing students, and the support of their teachers and ESC Region 5 AWARE team, for a May filled with wellness and caring community.

4 children dancing, surrounded by plants
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